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Student in Boston? Interested in reducing the effects of COVID-19 and flattening the curve? Volunteer to support health care workers.

Non-Clinical Support for Healthcare Workers

Non-Clinical Support for Healthcare Workers

Our hospitals will become inundated with patients in the coming weeks. Health care workers will be working extra shifts to meet the high demand. Personal obligations will limit their ability to do so, especially as schools and childcare centers close. By supporting these health care workers outside the hospital we let them fight the pandemic inside the hospital. Student volunteer services include childcare, grocery and pharmacy runs etc. Please read more here to learn if you qualify, sign up, and learn how you can stay safe while volunteering. Healthcare workers can learn more about requesting support here. Please note that this mechanism of matching volunteers and health care workers is not endorsed by or affiliated with any hospital or university.

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Parsa Erfani

Nishu Uppal