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List of PPE Resources

List of PPE Resources

Please find below a comprehensive list of PPE resources including (click to jump to section):

General Resources

Massachusetts PPE Coordination Effort: Collaborative Resource

Massachusetts hospital donation information, PPE buyers, PPE vendors, and business outreach as a collaborative resource. With the goal of decreasing duplication of efforts.


PPE Burn Rate Calculator


National Organizations


Working to build a national, centralized platform to enable communities to get PPE to healthcare providers on the frontlines of the COVID-19 pandemic.



Organizing a national volunteer system for mobilizing supplies and getting them to hospitals. Started by Georgetown University Medical Students.


Boston Contacts MedSupplyDrive:

h.b.lead@gmail.com and jaegyeong.lee@simmons.edu

Mission for Masks

Group that is faciliating donations from an importing company that is bringing in a million masks and other PPE equipment per week.

Contact: missionformasks@gmail.com

artners in Health StopCOVID

Donate or buy PPE: LINK


Get PPE’s mission is to connect the requests from those in need with the helpers who have the equipment, skills, and materials to offset that gap.


Helping to facilitate donations throughout the US.



Working to create database for various vendors and suppliers can use.

Contact: students4covid@gmail.com

Wuhan Task Force

Coverage in:

Harvard Business School

TIME Magazine



Project to create an international database of PPE suppliers. founder, Dr. Bhavya Rehani

Contact: francis.wright@ucsf.edu






Massachusetts Organizations

Massachusetts PPE Coordination Effort


MEMA COVID-19 Donation and Procurement Program

If there is PPE that you or businesses in your district would like to donate to front-line workers, MEMA is asking donation.

Contact: donationsdeskmema@gmail.com; 508-820-2074

Donation: https://www.mass.gov/forms/covid-19-donation-program

Procurement: https://www.mass.gov/forms/covid-19-procurement-program

HMS PPE Shortage Initiative


Students vs. Pandemics

Harvard Kennedy School working to address PPE needs, among other COVID-19 efforts.

PPE Contact: kiwiflorido@g.harvard.edu

Mask Transit (NY and Boston)

Mask Transit is a medical student and volunteer run organization started in New York City and Boston. Our goal is to mobilize masks to our most vulnerable community members, who are at the highest risk of acquiring COVID-19. Boston has not yet reached its peak , so we hope that by getting these masks out as fast as we can, we can help in flattening the curve. Our hope is that these masks will serve as valuable tools in decreasing the number of new infections while simultaneously decreasing the burden on the healthcare system.

Contact: masktransit@gmail.com

GoFundMe at: gf.me/u/xwkryw

Sign up: https://tinyurl.com/t8xys2q.

City of Boston’s COVID-19 PPE Donation form


Link to form

Contact: volunteer@bphc.org

HBS COVID 19 Group


Add a project: https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/1vlVqp1KDAnrOw5INJEzqADRJrM0RXuzkJ66KJ5b5tRw/edit?usp=sharing

Contact: Sarika Mendu: smendu@mba2020.hbs.edu Amina Edwards: aedwards@mba2020.hbs.edu

BUSM PPE Collection


BIDMC requesting Ipad Donations

If you would like do donate, we are currently accepting: New or Used iPads: Size: iPad mini devices or larger, Operating System: iOS 9.0 or later, Any accompanying protective cases are appreciated, Unfortunately we cannot accept Androids or Kindles Before donation, the device should be cleaned, reset (click here for instructions), and placed in a zip lock bag if possible with a viable power chord. Please make sure it is accompanied with the original donor's contact information (phone number and home address). Donations can be dropped off in the lobby of Deac 301A between 7a-4p, Monday-Friday, now through April 30th. They can also be mailed to: Attn: Tyler Trahan, Internal Medicine Residency, Deaconess 311, 330 Brookline Ave, Boson, MA 02215. Contact: 313-539-3309.

Corona Virus Project

On this website hospital and direct care centers can post needs they have for supplies, resources and labor that can be done at home.


Advocacy Efforts

Move On Petition



Get Me PPE


MA HHS Request for Masks


Request for masks

PPE for All

PPE for All website

PPE Mandate Letter to DPH and HHS


Contact: Yisi_Ji@hms.harvard.edu


NEJM: Critical Supply Shortages - Need for PPE

Ariadne Labs: Conserving Personal Protective Equipment

Fast Company Article: The Untold Story of the N95 Mask

Mask Innovation

List of biotech companies producing PPE found under PPE vendors tab

Mass General Brigham Center for COVID Innovation

Partners Face Shield Pilot Study: shyu@partners.org


Italian method for using a commercial scuba mask with 3D-printed connectors (.stl, .dwg, .step download for free on website) to create CPAP/ventilator masks for patients. Designed to be connected to a CPAP machine or ventilator.


MIT Emergency ventilator project

CoVent-19 Challenge (Ventilator Creation)

An open innovation effort to design a rapidly deployable mechanical ventilator with the ultimate goal of flattening the curve. Looking for engineers, elevators, designers, and those with business expertise looking to become involved.


3D Corps

A group adapting scuba masks with filters to be reusable via bleach.


Hand Made Masks

DIY Mask Guide

Comprehensive list of hospitals accepting hand made masks