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Guide to asking businesses to donate PPE

Guide to asking businesses to donate PPE

Here’s what you can do:

Call local businesses, including:

  • Dentists
  • Veterinarians
  • High School Labs
  • Salons / Spas
  • Tattoo Parlours
  • Construction Companies
  • Auto-Body Shops
  • Art schools / Museums
  • Paint Companies
  • Cleaning Companies

Ask if they have supplies they would be willing to donate. Here is a sample script to follow:

If you are in Massachusetts, please refer to the Massachusetts PPE Coordination Effort collaborative document. Under the “Outreach Tab” there is a list of local businesses to reach out, including those that have already been contacted. This is important to utilize and add to so as to decrease duplication of efforts in contacting businesses.


Hi, my name is ___________. I’m reaching out regarding the shortage of Personal Protective Equipment due to the coronavirus pandemic. We are wondering if you have any masks or other equipment that you could donate to a local hospital.

Here are some possible questions or talking points:

Why is PPE needed?

  • As you may already know, hospitals are running out of the Personal Protective Equipment they need to safely care for our communities and keep themselves and their families safe.

What supplies are needed?

  • Masks (N95 respirators, surgical masks), eye protection, face shields, disposable gloves, isolation gowns, disinfectant wipes, hand sanitizers

How do we donate PPE?

They are a variety of organization and initiatives that are working to get PPE into the hands of medical workers.

Are you located in Massachusetts?

Do need assistance with pick up and drop off of PPE?